Facility Use Policy

Governing the Use of Church Properties


  1. Any consideration of special uses of the property of this church will be guided by the fact that it has been dedicated to worship, teaching the Bible, evangelism, character building and related activities.

  2. Regularly scheduled meetings and services shall have prior claim to space, facilities and equipment ordinarily used by them.


  1. Before scheduling an activity requiring a meeting room or other space assignment, a request for such space shall be made to the church office, so that all assignments may be coordinate and recorded on the church calendar of activities.

    It is particularly important that the scheduling of wedding rehearsals, ceremonies and receptions are done well in advance. Use of recreational facilities shall be scheduled through the church office.

  2. Organizations, groups or individuals not a part of this church shall channel their request for space in writing to the church office. They are authorized to process the request according to written policy.


  1. Request must be made in writing on forms provided. Complete all information

  2. and return to South Henderson Pentecostal Holiness Church.

  3. Approval will be given by letter

  4. No alcoholic beverages are allowed on premises

  5. No smoking allowed on premises.

  6. No loud music permitted on church property

  7. No dancing is permitted, with the exception of Traditional Wedding Dances, which include: “FIRST DANCE” of Bride and Groom, Father/Daughter Dance, and Mother/Son Dance.

  8. Care of all buildings is required and breakage or damage must be paid for by the group using the building.

  9. When youth or children will be using the facilities the group requesting the use of the building must agree to provide adequate adult supervision or request will be denied.



Since the wedding ceremony is a religious service, every member of the wedding party is expected to act with reverence and dignity.  The couple to be married is requested to advise all members of the wedding party to adhere to the building use guidelines.  Any final decisions of conduct that may prove to be disrespectful of the wedding event will be handled as the pastor or host deems necessary.

 Due to maintenance and possible accidents, no substance shall be thrown in the church buildings.  A suitable substitute for outdoor use is birdseed.

Photographers should keep in mind that the ceremony is a religious service.  The photographer is requested to do nothing that would take away from the atmosphere of worship or interfere with those who are attending or participating in the wedding.  (Flash cameras are discouraged during the ceremony.)  The wedding party may assemble again in the sanctuary after the ceremony for additional pictures.  (Also, video camera operators are asked to discuss with the couple, pastor, and director, a suitable, stationary place from which to film the event, as moving around during the ceremony is distracting for the audience and the pastor.)

A wedding rehearsal is necessary if the ceremony is to be conducted with proper dignity and beauty.  A person may be chosen to direct the rehearsal who has full knowledge of the procedures of church weddings.  If a director is used, this person will act in cooperation with the pastor who is in charge of the ceremony.  Plans and details of the wedding should be discussed with the director, or with the pastor if a director is not used, and decisions should be made before the rehearsal begins.  Members of the wedding party should be on time for the rehearsal as well as on the wedding day.

A florist should be selected who is familiar with church wedding procedures and will abide by the policies of the church.  Floral decorations should harmonize with the sanctuary.  If candles are used, a protective covering must be used over the carpet.  Nothing shall be taped or tacked to the walls.  Persons responsible for decorations will be liable for any damages to church furniture or carpet or other equipment.

These policies are designed to help the couple to be married to have a wonderful wedding ceremony.  Also, these are designed to eliminate misunderstandings.  Please feel free to ask for further assistance from our church staff.



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